New DAF for David

September 2013 saw D Lear Haulage put a new DAF CF 6×4 Tipper on the road.  A loyal DAF user,David changes his truck every couple of years and this year wanted something just a little bit different, ever being mindful of weight and budget, we think we did just as the remit asked!!

front 2  rear 1

Accessories added to David’s new trucks, include, top bar with leds, spotlights, beacons, bespoke under bar, daytime running lights, flush fit strobes in the grille, rear led work lights, rear facing amber led strobe lights, upgraded tail pipe tip, and a twin colour camera system.

top bar 1 under bar 1


front strobe 1    led work light

Front mounted flush fitting amber led strobe lights – fantastically bright!!!

DAF CF daytime running lights 1 daf cf daytime running lights 2

Daytime running lights on Daytime mode and on side light mode


tail pipe