Euro 6 chip Hauler

Stoke on Trent based haulage company DWP & Sons, have invested in a new Euro 6 DAF XF 106 Super space cab tractor unit to work on its european operations transporting mainly chips from a factory in Belgium back into the UK.

As per expected the list of accessories to be added was quite extensive:

Air con pod, top bar, spotlights, headboard, visor bar, stainless steel visor with spotlights and marker lights, stoneguard, marker lights in the grille, spotlights sunk into the grille, under bumper bar, lights in the mirrors, side bars, wind kit lights, camera kit, monitor, dvd player, cb, microwave, wheel trims, nut covers, rear chassis bar and a hotwater sink fitted to the back of the cab!!!

Quite a transformation from the truck that arrived in the yard!!

daf xf euro 6 a  web1

web 2  web 4 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  web3  side bar 1 web

New DAF for David

September 2013 saw D Lear Haulage put a new DAF CF 6×4 Tipper on the road.  A loyal DAF user,David changes his truck every couple of years and this year wanted something just a little bit different, ever being mindful of weight and budget, we think we did just as the remit asked!!

front 2  rear 1

Accessories added to David’s new trucks, include, top bar with leds, spotlights, beacons, bespoke under bar, daytime running lights, flush fit strobes in the grille, rear led work lights, rear facing amber led strobe lights, upgraded tail pipe tip, and a twin colour camera system.

top bar 1 under bar 1


front strobe 1    led work light

Front mounted flush fitting amber led strobe lights – fantastically bright!!!

DAF CF daytime running lights 1 daf cf daytime running lights 2

Daytime running lights on Daytime mode and on side light mode


tail pipe

Amic Haulage

New lease of life given to this workhorse of Amic Haulage.  Spending a huge amount of time on narrow rural roads delivering animal feed, we were given the task of making the truck see and be seen!! think we managed to achieve that!!! Full set of rear wind kit lights, rear work light bar with 4 hella worklights, rear chassis bar, mirror guards, top bar with 4 spotlights and 2 beacons, headboard, grille bar with spotlights and under bumper bar.

O  O

Swedish Bull for Williams

November 2012 saw J&G Williams of Wrenbury, cheshire take delivery of a new Scania topline for use on their livestock haulage and on general fridge work.  the truck joins a mixed fleet of scania, daf and more recently a MAN TGA. “The Bull” as the truck truck became affectionately known, had a variety of accessories added (listed below) and as part of our ever expanding services we helped with the design and application of the new livery, part of which is a cartoonised raging bull with the addition of the scania griffin crown and a V8 freeze brand.

“You know roughly what we want, the rest is up to you” were the instructions from James, so we did,  and this is what we came up with.  Roll on Phase 2!!!

O            O   O




Spot On Accessories added to “The Bull”

Top bar with 6 hella chrome luminator spotlights

Amber LED downlighters

Danish style headboard = powder coated and liveried

Aluminium sunvisor – vinyled to match the truck with extra spotlights and marker lights

LEDs in the grille in a “W” shape

Under bumper bar with amber led’s

Full set of rear wind kit lights

Metallic grey livery on back of the cab, side of the cab, and bottom of the doors – all part of the new services being offered at Spot On.


Here are some pictures of the other vehicles in the J&G Williams fleet

O       web 5                       web 7

James S Hislop Fleet

Over the years Spot On has been supplying more and more items to the well know borders fleet of James S Hislop.  There distinctive red and blue livery suits a bit of  bling! Here are just a few pictures of some of the trucks we have done for them. Regular class winners at many truck shows, it is very rare to see one of the hislop motors looking their very best

O O  O


Continental cousins

Spot on has spread its wings across the sea providing accessories for companies in holland, belgium, sweden and even out in Australis.  Her a few pictures of some we have done

scania r series topline elcee transportweb S IMG00013aa SAM_0030web